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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Crossline Furniture was recently presented at CasaDecor 2021.

INSPIRATION: The fresh and natural spirit of the beach houses of the American coast. It has not been difficult for us to fall in love with this decorative style. It is refreshing, cozy, elegant, not at all ostentatious and with a natural and always playful touch. Regarding the color range used, we think that if there are two colors that combine and, at the same time, are enhanced in this type of decoration, they are blue and white.

TRENDS: Highlight the return to the natural world, both in its aesthetics and in the selection of organic materials used.

MATERIALS: Wood, glass, metas, stone, fabrics and natural fibers are the protagonists of the space and contribute to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere, which invite you to rest and relax.

SUSTAINABILITY Our commitment to the environment is present in all our projects. On this occasion, we have recycled / reused materials and decorative elements from our store, as well as pieces that had been used in other productions. In addition, we have tried to reuse the existing facilities in the space, even determining their distribution, to reduce the level of debris as much as possible. Once the Exhibition is over, all the elements will have a second life, either in exhibitions of our suppliers or in our own company.

CROSSLINE FURNITURE Is a next-generation Portugal Furniture manufacturer for custom-made furniture. We are currently Portugals #1 manufacturer for bespoke furniture. We work with over 100 Interior Designers, Architects & SME's in 55 countries worldwide. If you would like to produce your own designs, we would be delighted to be your choice!

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