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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

2022 is here and it's time to start looking for what will be the new trends this year. To get a sense of what should we expect, we've been talking with a few interior designers and they showed us what customers are demanding and what are their proposals for the clients houses.

Neutral Tones

People are searching for alternatives to the usual neutral tones in furniture. White and cream are becoming a second option, with other neutral tones such as camel, cognac or taupe, for example.

Interior Design Trends 2022


In 2022, homes will definitely have more colour. From the interior design projects we've been looking at, the clients want to brighten their divisions with powerful colours like blue, green or orange.

Gray is also becoming a go-to colour for walls. Warm greys add the perfect touch of cosy and calm feelings, which are two of the top feelings people want in their homes.

Interior Design Trends for 2022

Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture is becoming more and more popular. In 2022, we'll see vintage furniture starting to take centre stage.

The mid-century furniture also works well with grey so it makes sense they're finding their way into people's homes together.

Interior Design Trends for 2022


In 2022, people will mix the minimalism style with more dynamic elements, allowing the space to be clutter-free but without that feeling of emptiness.

Interior Design Trends for 2022

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