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When you decide to move and buy a property in Portugal, at some point, you will face the question of decoration. Many ideas come to mind, but the problem is: where to find quality furniture that meets your needs in Portugal?

The answer is: it all depends on what you are looking for. For some people, Ikea, Conforama, or Jom is enough. For others, second-hand furniture will do. But there are also people for whom budget is not an issue and are willing to spend lavishly to have luxurious and better-quality furniture.

Furniture Industry in Portugal

The Portuguese have an interesting know-how. What differentiates them from other foreign producers is their ability to produce furniture with a modern design while keeping that traditional touch. Indeed, the prices are not exorbitant, but the quality is there, which is one of the most important things.

Regarding the price of labor, the cost is relatively cheaper than in any other country. Compared to France, for example, where the SMIC (minimum wage) is 1539€, in Portugal, the minimum wage is about 740€. It's natural that this represents a great impact on the value of the products.

Affordable furniture in Portugal

To find furniture at affordable prices that meet your needs, here are the addresses not to miss:

- Conforama;

- Ikea;

- Gato Preto;

- Jom;

- (...)

To find second-hand furniture, take a look at:

- Opportunity Leilões;

- Flea Market;

- (...)

For more vintage styles don't miss:

- Mercado Vintage;

- Sóbrio Olhar

Crossline Furniture

Crossline Furniture has a production area of more than 2000m², based in Portugal, separated into three divisions: Wooden carpentry, Metalwork plant, and Upholstery. This autonomy allows us to embrace unique and exclusive projects, regardless of their level of complexity.

We offer a personalised service:

- From residential projects to hotels, stores, restaurants, institutional buildings and offices;

- Precise and technical analysis of each project;

- Production and installation of furniture;

- Custom projects in different material finishes;

- (...)

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