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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Portugal Furniture Factory

Today it is difficult to ignore the emergency and the climate crisis facing our planet. Climate change, global upheavals, degradation of ecosystems, collapse of biodiversity… Sudden transformations with major consequences for society.

At CROSSLINE FURNITURE, we are particularly sensitive to these subjects which affect us all. This is one of the reasons why we are so committed to implement sustainable rules inside our installations, but also to make our community aware of these issues.

Choosing More Sustainable Materials

Currently, 60% of the materials we use is renewable, and 10% is recycled. By 2030, all will be renewable or recycled, making it easier than ever to find affordable and sustainable high quality home furnishings.

For many years CROSSLINE FURNITURE has partnered with different organisations to improve responsible forest management globally.

Since 2019, all our fabrics only contain cotton and linen. We avoid polyester fabrics at all costs.

We prioritise the use of massive wood & Plywood in our productions. Recently we started applying water based finishes in your lacquered furniture.

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