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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Sofa Manufacturers in Portugal
Sofa Manufacturers in Portugal

It is generally agreed that if there is one piece of furniture that cannot be missing in a home it is the sofa. It´s the main element in most living rooms and the most prominent and useful piece. Sofas are the heart of conviviality, in addition to being a place to relax with your family and friends.

With so much to choose from, it´s important to know how to select the right sofa for the space you have available in your house.

We put together a guide tips to help you chose the ideal sofa that fits your living room.

1- Define a budget

The market offers a lot of possibilities of places for you to buy your sofa and that brings a long list of prices. Therefore,the first essential step to start the process of looking for your sofa is to define the minimum and the maximum amount ofmoney you are willing to spend.

2- Understanding the environment where the sofa will be included

The room where you are going to place the sofa, either it´s a living room, a guest room or a office it will directly influence the type of sofa and its purpose.

For example, if it is a sofa for a guest room or even an office, it may make sense to choose a sofa bed that can accommodate guests

On the other hand, if you are looking for a multifunction sofa, then it is best to mix several characteristics and find a firm sofa, with a chaise that stretches and can eventually serve as a bed.

Sofa Manufacturers in Portugal

3- Deciding the model based on the purpose

After analyzing the environment where it will be placed, it is important to think about the model in relation to its usefulness.

Therefore, it is time to think about the options you have like a sofa bed, corner sofa, reclining sofa and others types.

4- Deciding the right size of the sofa

The size of the sofa will vary based on the available space in your home.

You should measure the room and remember to consider a minimum of 60 cm free on each side of the sofa, in addition to the circulation space between the other pieces of furniture, such as armchairs and coffee tables, so that people can move around freely.

5- Choosing the materials and colors

Regarding the most suitable material, it is important to think about the aesthetics, the comfort and the type of use you will give to the sofa on a daily basis.

Besides the materials, the choice of color is also part of the process, which makes it important to analyze the environment around us. For example, if we have a small area, or if we have children or animals. All this may influence the choice of colors of the sofa.

6- Compare the sofa with the rest of the furniture

As we mentioned, the sofa should fit harmoniously in the new environment. To do this you can always select two or three options that you like best and compare them with the rest of the pieces that are part of the room, such as furniture, rugs, cushions, and so on.

Sofa Manufacturers in Portugal

In order to help our readers, we have gathered a small list of sofa manufactures in Portugal, that you can chose from in order to find the best sofa for your living room:

Crossline Furniture- Potugal Manufacturer

CROSSLINE FURNITURE is expertised in custom made furniture production. Our brand was created with the aim of offering the best service to customers around the world by meeting all their needs and communicating throughout the production process. Our factory and office are based in Porto, Portugal.


Antarte is a Portuguese brand, with eight stores in the national territory, recognized for its innovative, elegant and adaptable lines to the most varied types of spaces. It has its own factory in northern Portugal and exports its products to various international markets.


Domkapa is a specialized upholstery brand based in Northern Portugal that values the combination of three main elements: manual sewing techniques, a unique design concept, and an exclusive selection of high quality materials.


Anaric, based in Gondomar, district of Porto, is specialized in the production of sofas. The company has sought to assert itself in the national and international market, focusing increasingly on innovation and design, through the modernization of its procedures, equipment, and the constitution of an experienced team in the sector.

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