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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Portugal benefits from a great geographic location to export worldwide. Our breathtaking landscapes, our culture, our welcoming population, our weather... but above all, our craftsmanship make us an unique place and we are extremely proud and grateful to be able to live but above all to build a project here. Why should you work with Portugal manufacturer in one of your furnishing projects?

Unique know-how at an affordable price, for you

When we talk about interior architecture, we automatically think in bespoke furniture. Indeed, custom-made furniture will not only optimise the spaces as it will create a perfectly designed consistency with its environment.

Another point that seems important to us is that they allow us to design new things, to give free rein to our imagination and thus boost our creativity.

But then, why not made in Estonia or Poland?

We are great admirers of Made in Estonia / Poland and of Estonia / Poland craftsmanship, which is remarkable. However, in view of our offer, Made in Estonia / Poland has not emerged as the ideal choice for us.

The choice of Portugal was therefore imposed without any hesitation, since it is much more qualified than Made in Estonia / Poland. Moreover, it has been more than 100 years that the north of Portugal, and more precisely the town of Paços de Ferreira, has been considered the European cradle of furniture manufacturing. Here we find carpentry and design enthusiasts, with incomparable know-how. Today, more modern production tools make it possible to create even more sophisticated tailor-made projects, which is not to displease us, on the contrary!

Portuguese Furniture

Local raw materials

Second crucial point: local raw materials. Portugal has all the necessary resources for the manufacture of furniture. In particular the Iberian peninsula, derived from Mediterranean wood forests, which offers different species of oaks (holm oaks and cork oaks), but also pine, walnut and ironwood. This leaves us a good enough choice for various designs at appropriate costs to each species of wood.

The country is also home to a wide variety of natural stones such as pink marble and textile factories that can add designer touches to our furniture.

Finally, the cardboard and cork that we use as environmentally friendly transport packaging are also found locally.

In short, the choice of Portugal is the choice of the short circuit and of quality from supply to manufacture!


Portugal is not only the n° 1 in Europe for renewable energies, but the world champion! The government is regularly congratulated by the European Union and various associations for its energy transition policy.

In recent years, Portugal's renewable energy production has even exceeded its cumulative electricity consumption (103.6% was recorded in March 2018). Although 10% of energy is still imported due to the inability to store green energies, we are happy to choose this country as a host country for our creations of eco-responsible furniture. An aspect that is sometimes overlooked but which for us makes all the difference when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.


At Crossline we have a specialised team to do the transportation of furniture from Portugal to any country in Europe. Besides that, we also have partners (transportation companies) to export to other continents.

We always provide the installation service to our costumers in order to facilitate this international transactions.

For us, Portugal is the best solution to produce customised furniture!

Do you have a custom wood furniture project? Contact us at or on WhatsApp- +351 913 280 442. Custom-made wardrobes, wooden shelves, tables or benches… We are attentive to all your desires and needs. Take the first step towards a functional & beautiful interior that looks like you!

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