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Our production area with more than 2000m², based in Portugal, is separated in 3 divisions: Wood Joinery| Metalworking Plant| Upholstery. This autonomy allows us to embrace unique and exclusive projects, regardless of their level of complexity. In this way, visiting our facilities, it is possible to find the most varied types of products. From a chesterfield sofa to French oak furniture. From a lacquered bedside table to a metallic structure with a golden finish.


We offer a custom service with:
- Accurate and technical 
analysis of each project;
Manufacture and installation of furniture;
- Bespoke projects in different materials & finishes;
- From residential projects, to hotels, shops, restaurants, institutional buildings & offices.

Portugal Furniture Manufacturer


Crossline Furniture has always been a transformation company. Having our own factory, we can meet all your manufacturing and furnishing needs. Our team is made up of highly qualified joiners, locksmiths, lacquerers and upholsterers. We can take care of all the entire process. From the moment to take measurements for production to moment of installation.

Portuguese Furniture Factory


Our clients list is mainly constituted by online furniture & sofa stores,hospitality and construction firms. We distinguish ourselves by making custom projects for Interior Designers and Architectes.We also benefit from an excellent geographical location that allows us to easily ship orders across Europe, Asia, Africa and America.


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