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Portuguese furniture is becoming a well known reference on the interiors-brands-to-know circuit. The allure of craftmanship combined with art are increasingly leading Portuguese Design beyond borders.

We have selected the 5 best brands of furniture in Portugal that you need to know.


CROSSLINE FURNITURE is expertised in bespoke furniture production. The brand was created with the purpose of offering the best service to clients all around the world. Our factory and office are based in Porto, Portugal.

​Our team is constituted by people with a lot of experience in the business area. Our clients list is mainly constituted by designers, architects ,hospitality and construction firms. We distinguish ourselves by making custom projects for Interior Designers and Architectes.We also benefit from an excellent geographical location that allows us to easily ship orders across Europe, Asia, Africa and America.


BOCA DO LOBO furniture is already in the mouths of the world given that they have been highlighted by their interior design project for the movie The Fifty Shades of Gray. They are, therefore, one of the main movers of the internationalization movement of luxury furniture in Portugal.


The Jetclass Group is also a reference in the area of luxury furniture, with unique pieces that provide refinement and customization in interior decoration.


Brabbu states 8 things that you can expect from its collections. Multi-category furnishings is one (there are rugs and lighting as much as bookcases and dining chairs), a made in Portugal promise is another, and so is a commitment to forecasting trends and customisation so that the bespoke Brabbu furniture route is always an possibility.


Malabar is also mentioned in the spectrum of interior design companies. It distinguishes itself by its artistic style and by the strong bet in the neutral tones and black to create a unique space in any luxury house.

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