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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Best Countries For Furniture Production

Biggest furniture manufacturers in the world.

The furniture sector is performing a major role in every country’s economic development and expected to grow exponentially further in the 2020s.

Newer and Younger Interior Designers are demanding almost instant online shopping and never seen before product variety, what is both a challenge and a major opportunity for furniture manufacturers. That is why the need for fast furniture product is growing day by day.

However, as a result of this excessive demand, all players face a sustainability responsibility and have to ensure the planet is less harmed as possible.

With the increased online demand and innovative business models, countries worldwide are ramping up their productions and making their local companies more competitive in a global scale. In this article, we will talk about some of the best furniture industries in the world.

High Quality Sustainable Countries:

When an Interior Designer is looking to produce a high-quality product with an unique design, a local factory is always advisable! So, we selected below the best countries for high quality production!


Portugal benefits from a geographical location that makes worldwide exportation very easy. Production times are much faster and shipping costs much lower than Asian countries. The government offers several incentives and funds to the export Furnishing industry in Portugal meaning that factories are more competitive and can provide better products the costumers. Both Interior Designers and Small Retailers take advantage in manufacturing their pieces in Portugal. The country is specially popular and competitive with European buyers when it comes to high quality products with the no minimum orders required worldwide for fully customised products. It’s for sure one of the strongest and most sustainable furniture industries worldwide.


The Italian furniture industry plays an important part in the Italian economy. Italy is one of the leading exporters of furniture in the world and the fourth largest furniture manufacturer in the world. Among the key factors influencing the popularity of Italian furniture tradition occupies a special place in the overall history of furniture, with Italy being the birthplace of the Classical Renaissance and the Italian Renaissance Furniture. The highly industrialised north of the country plays a vital role as a furniture hub, being one of the most advanced world wide on this type of items.


China is still the biggest manufacturer of furniture. It has the largest workforce with over 200 million workers. So price and quality are two points that China can offer that other countries are not yet able to rival, whether is one or the other but not both. China also has the infrastructure and knowledge to keep being significant player. But be aware that China’s wages are increasing in the manufacturing industry and predictions say that prices might be close to those of turkey per example. High-Volume Countrie.

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