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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

A recent publication from Time Out revelled "The 10 Best Cities in The World" in 2021. San Francisco in California, was considered the best one. Porto is in 9th position.


The Time Out magazine elected the city of Porto as the 9th best city worldwide.

According with the publication, 73% of the residents of Porto said that their city was good beacase of its culture.

The Time Out Index noticed some characteristics, such as the cities night life, restaurants, cultural events, as well as its sense to the community. Sustainable initiatives, activist & community spirit, and friendliness in general were also considered aspects in the article.

San Francisco, in California, USA, was elected as "the best", considering its unique & creative community spirit. Time Out says that the city has an unbeatable combination of progress, acceptance and sustainability.

On the Podium, also stay cities as Amsterdam and Manchester. The Time Out Index 2021 is the 4th annual edition of the Time Out publication. In 2018, the city of Porto was considered as the 2nd Best City in the world.

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